High-end, hand crafted and designed furniture pieces of all types

Using your design, existing piece that is just not the right dimensions or design concept
Wood species of all types
Traditional and modern joinery methods
Dovetail drawers, solid inlays
Leafing (gold, silver) accents
Hand rubbed, lacquer finishes.

The true value of custom furniture comes from not only being able to put your creative ideas into your piece and get the size to fit your space but also knowing that your piece will be around to pass down to your family.

Creative Vision

As each piece is specifically made for each client’s needs and desires the first step is communicating your vision. This can be done with a picture of a piece that is just not quite what you were looking for but the basic is there waiting for the tweaking that will make it your own. Or a picture of the room where the piece will go and what you want to accomplish with the new piece.

With every piece being unique and specialized timelines and costs are provided upon an agreed design concept.